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I am a member of the Hackerspace Hackzogtum Coburg. I am an engineer and not an IT specialist and, although I have written a few lines of code here and there, I am more dedicated to design and making than programming.

  • Build Your Own Construction Kit

Lehrer, Podcaster, etc.

  • Zwischen Schulordnung, Datenschutz und digitaler Entschuldigung - Schulverwaltung im Cyberspace
  • Fluchtboote mit Satelliten finden
Elli Wittmann

Elli promoviert und sucht in ihrer Freizeit nach Flüchtlingsbooten auf Satellitenbildern.

  • Fluchtboote mit Satelliten finden
Felix Schymura

Felix Schymura ist Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration, aktiver Freifunker und Backspace-Mitglied. Seine "FunkoLive Tech-News" sind seit 2019 regelmäßig im Radio zu hören.

  • Funktionsweise von Freifunk Franken

Messtechnik-Freak. Spacepapa von Schaffenburg e.V.. Funkamateur (DG3HDA). https://wiki.schaffenburg.org/Benutzer:Dg3hda

  • Infraschallmessung bei Schaffenburg
Michael Messner

Penetration tester
Focused on products
Firmware analysis
Hardware analysis

  • EMBA – Open-Source Firmware Security Testing
Michael Sperber

Mike's first programming experiences were in the local department
store, and his formative learning experiences were all shaped by the
hacker culture of the 1980s. Since then, he was a university
researcher and educator (and researcher on education), a freelance
developer, and finally a CEO. He has continuously taught programming
in high schools, universities, to kids, and commercially.

  • Teaching Programming to Your Loved Ones - Hands-On!
Pascal Eckmann

Durch und durch pragmatisch, lässt sich leicht vom Ernst des Lebens ablenken und noch leichter für Skripting, Coding und Hardware zu begeistern!

  • EMBA – Open-Source Firmware Security Testing
Sylvain Lefebvre

Sylvain Lefebvre is a senior researcher at Inria (France), where he leads the MFX team. His main research focus is on algorithms and data-structures for geometry modeling, processing and synthesis in the context of additive manufacturing. He got his passion for Computer Graphics from playing and hacking video games in the early nineties. He is now adventuring into hardware design, revisiting classic rendering algorithms on FPGAs, designing CPUs, rasterizers and texture units like it's 1992.

  • The Doom-chip "On Ice": designing hardware for a 1993 retro-classic
Tobias Buchberger

Tobias (Tobi) Buchberger is a researcher at the Competence Center for IT-Security and lecturer in the master's degree program "IT-Security" at FH Campus Wien (UAS Campus Vienna), where he also pursued his IT security studies. Before joining FH Campus Wien, he was working as an IT security analyst at a Viennese-based company for several years.

  • CoMatrix - Constrained Matrix

Chaotic Developer

  • Tox CryptoParty - Install a Tox Client and have some fun with it

Ines Kramer is a researcher at the Competence Center for IT-Security at FH Campus Wien (UAS Campus Vienna).

  • CoMatrix - Constrained Matrix
  • Jolly Jitsi & Jackbox
  • 10 Jahre Backspace